Purpose of the Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art was conceptualized because it was felt that the traditional museums had a biased attitude towards modern art. It was felt that the time was right to ensure that a museum was dedicated to modern art alone in order to ensure that the same was documented, exhibited and preserved adequately for the future generations.

This mission that the founders of the Museum of Modern Art had towards the place is something that has carried down the years. The directors of the museum and the people who run the day to day operations do not lose sight of their dedication towards modern art in anything that they do.

At the heart of the Museum of Modern Art is also the desire to encourage a deeper understanding of modern art so that it can be enjoyed thoroughly by those who understand art. There is also an attempt to help people from diverse cultures, nationalities and communities appreciate the pieces of work better.

The Museum of Modern Art recognizes that contemporary and modern art started by exploring the ideals in new artistic traditions and that it really began in the late nineteenth century till date. They believe that modern art transcends national boundaries and that there can be various forms of expression of modern art including non-traditional mediums like film, architecture, nook illustrations and the web too.

The museum also believes that they need to underline the importance of modern art if they have to honor the ideals that were upheld by the artists and that this aspect has to be a central element of all associated with the work. They also believe that the continued commitment towards contemporary and modern art is something that is necessary to ensure that there is a better understanding of the manner in which it evolved.


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